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mightycliff יולי 8 ; ג ; יום 1

mightycliff יולי 8 ; ג ; יום 1 11:42 יומניקר#

דפפפפפפפפפפפפפפפפפפוק, דאגה,דיכאון, דוב חום סורי, דובים שתיים,דוב נמלים ענק , דורסי יום/לילה, דיה שחורה , דיקדיק –סודג של במבי ועוד יותר פחדן, ציידים שונאים אותו כי הוא כל כך פחדן שהוא מזהיר את כל החיות, יש מצב ששמו גם קירקיל אבל לא בדיק שלי להתחיל לברר, דישון מקראי , דרבן , דרבן עיר הבירה של יוהנסבורג, דולצינאה של דון קישוט, דון קישוט. ואולי עדיף לכתוב היום לאחר שתרד השפעת הריטאלין מבורך, לא עכשיו בהייפ לקראת הפקה עם אילה.איזה חלק ממני יצא: הצעקן, חוצפן, פרובוקטיבי, אדיוט,חריג, אין כמוך, אחד ממיליון, אמיץ בתחומים מסוימים, לא צפוי,(רציתי לכתוב עצלן , לא גומר דברים? אבל רעבאק דטס מיי אולד סלף! איינט מיי ניו סלף איז טוטאלי באט טוטאלי…מפאת הצמצום..תאי זיכרון לכודים זה בזה, הגישה חסומה, עפיפון, לעיתים אני עפיפון קושר עצמי לאדמה רק עם ריר של רוק שנוזל מהפה. תודה לי תודה רבה עכשיו אפשר להתחיל מה יש לנו היום #צוקאונןmightycliff# שגרה, עבודה גם אני #צוק #איתן. האמנית הצעירה הגיעה בלי מחשב; יופי, חושבת מצאה פראייר, שתסלק אותי מעמדת הכתבן; לא ולא

— with Ayala Netzer

Palestinian man with child

iron dome WIKI QUOTE

In preparations for a potential escalation in fighting, the IDF called up 1,500 reserves on 7 July. These reserves were positioned around southern Israel and were working on training in case of escalation. The IDF continued calling up additional reserves on 8 July, stating plans to call up 40,000 or more. Due to the consistent rocket fire from Gaza into Israel,clarification needed] the Israeli government closed all summer camps within 40 km (24 miles) of Gaza and universities canceled their final exams. Additionally, all gatherings of 300 or more were banned, and requested all people stay at home or near shelter. In the early morning on 8 July, Israel struck at least 50 targets in Gaza, injuring 17 people. This was followed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu instructing the IDF to “take their gloves off” against Hamas and instructed them to take any means necessary to restore peace to Israeli citizens. As the afternoon progressed, the IDF continued their targeted retaliation, including the home of senior Hamas member Abdul Rahman Juda, who was using his home as a control and command center. Additionally, the IDF targeted and killed Muhammad Sa'aban a commander of Hamas’s naval commando unit. IDF also targeted the homes of Hamas members Eiad Sakik, Abdullah Hshash, Samer Abu Daka, and Hassan Abdullah.[68] The Palestinians have confirmed that all homes were called by the IDF prior to bombing, asking residents to please leave. Late afternoon, Hamas announced that all Israelis are now legitimate targets. Early evening, the Iron Dome Defense system shot down a rocket over Tel Aviv. Shortly afterward, five armed Palestinians attempted to cross into Israel via the beach at Kibbutz Zikim. Gunfire ensued with the IDF, resulting in the death of all five Palestinians. A short while later, a parachute was found abandoned near Yad Mordechaand a Gaza tunnel exploded near Kerem Shalom. Hamas, in the evening, held a press conference to express their demands to stop their offense on Israel. Hamas demanded that Israel halt what it termed aggression in Jerusalem; the West Bank; and the Gaza Strip, re-release of the prisoners of the Shalit deal, and the commitment to all the terms of the Operation Pillar of Defense cease-fire. For the first time in recent weeks, Hamas openly claimed responsibility for rocket fire. In addition, the Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for 60 rockets, the Popular Resistance Committees asserted they had fired 17, and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed responsibility for three. Late in the evening, a second rocket was shot down over Tel Aviv. Following this air sirens went off in Binyamina and Hamas stated that a rocket was fired at Haifa. This was all followed by several rockets being fired at Jerusalem and two landing just outside of Jerusalem. Just before midnight, a rocket hit Hadera, 28 miles (45 km) north of Tel Aviv, making it the longest range rocket ever shot into Israel. Upon investigation of the shrapnel, Israel believes this was a Syrian made M302 Rocket. By the end of 8 July, IAF and the Israeli navy had struck 435 targets in Gaza, resulting in the death of at least 23 Palestinians, including two children under five, and over 122 injuries. Also, during the first day 225 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel and 40 of out of 225 were intercepted. Property damage in Israel totaled approximately 10 million NIS, from 35 vehicles, 52 buildings, 12 agriculture-related damages reported



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